5 Things that Rocked my World in February

Another month has passed and 2017 is just flying by! Even if the month didn’t end as good as I expected, it’s time for my monthly review!

1. I started ballroom dancing again! It has been quite some time now (three years to be particular) that I have stopped dancing and I thought I might never start again. But as I had problems finding another sport to do on a regular basis without loosing motivation, I decided to start dancing again here in Munich. And it went better than expected! Time is flying by, and I am so looking forward to start dancing competitions again!

2. After having some problems to get work, training and blogging done, I am finally finding a routine again! No time, no ideas and no motivation have been a problem, but I feel it comes back sooner or later – although, during one of these periods, I am always considering to just stop blogging.

3. 10 months have passed since I saw my brother for the last time – but now he’s back in Europe, too and has spent the weekend in Munich! And he moved closer, so we can see each other more often, which is great! So good to talk to him in person rather than on the phone or on Skype.

4. Vacation planning got into the next round – and we are coming closer to making plans that might actually work. It might take some more time until I can finally talk about it here on the blog, but it’s so nice to dig deeper into planning, finding alternatives and see where the next journey might take us!

5. There are some months when negative things happen that have an influence on the coming time – after my snowboard accident last week I broke my foot. And this might take some weeks. And I am already annoyed. Until now, I could stay at home, due to the pain and the fact that I am still waiting for some results to see if I need surgery or not. However, I am not the most patient person and this is annoying already – wish me luck!

And which 5 things did rock your February?


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