5 Things that Rocked my World in February 2021

It’s so weird how fast and slow time is passing at the same time – and honestly, I can’t wait until the lockdown is over and this weird state ends. I mean, I have the idea I really need to see friends, enjoy spring and summer and visit my family abroad again! It’s been way too long…but first it’s time to look back on February. And as always, I am focussing on the highlights.

1. Snow! I can’t even remember if I ever saw snow in the Netherlands (as I haven’t always lived here), but I was very happy when it started snowing and the snow actually stayed for a couple of days. Long walks in the snow, snowballfights and ice scating on the canals…it was the perfect winter week and a very welcome break from all the corona madness.

2. Although we are supposed to stay home as much as possible, I decided to take a trip in February. It was just so necessary! I went to Leiden for a day, which was great. I have missed discovering new cities for such a long time now. I walked through the streets without having a plan, discovering this beautiful city. Can’t wait to plan more trips!

3. Just as fast as winter came, the snow melted again and it kinda feels like spring now! Typing this on my sunny balcony, it feels like ages ago that it was actually that cold. But just as the snow this weather swing is very welcome and kinda lifts my mood. Time to keep walking and start running again!

4. I was able to visit my parents for the first time since October! And that was also a very welcome break. The borders between the Netherlands and Germany were closed during Christmas break, which meant I couldn’t even get home for Christmas. For the first time in my life I was not able to spend Christmas back home, which was kinda weird and difficult, but also the perfect ending for this crazy year. However, in February I was able to travel home for a weekend again, which almost felt like a mini holiday.

5. Although I won’t be able to wear it for quite some time, I am very happy about my new ballroom dress finally being ready. I was supposed to wear it for the Dutch championships in 2020, but for well-known reasons, the competition didn’t take place. Now I am waiting for an opportunity to finally wear it (and selling my old dress btw).

What were your highlights in February?


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