5 Things that Rocked my World in February 2019

Crazy how time is flying at the moment – I still feel like I just walked in after my Christmas holidays, and now it’s March somehow. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been quite busy over the past month. However, time to look back at the five things that made my February 2019 special.

1. Holiday plans – again! I got the confirmation that I will be travelling to Tasmania for work in March, and that I can actually prolong my stay by two weeks for holidays. Looking forward to first travel Tasmania and later on Victoria and New South Wales!

2. Dance training has been pretty good in February. It’s been a while since I was seriously training, due to stress at work and just too many things going on. During the past month I decided that I want to spend more time training again, and it was such a good choice! Looking forward to more productivity again.

3. Even loving the winter, I was super happy about the sun coming out from time to time. Just such a good feeling to walk outside again without the instant urge to get back inside as fast as possible because it’s freezing.

4. …but I also went snowboarding again, and I loved it. So good to live close to the mountains and be able to just pack all the stuff and get on the slopes within hours. I hope there will be some more weekends in the snow this year before it gets too warm.

5. There was so much going on for my family, too. My little brother moved to Shanghai which is pretty exciting, but my grandparents sold their house, which makes me kinda sad. Although I am not directly involved due to living in Munich, I am looking at this with mixed feelings – and looking forward to the next month, when this has all been solved.

What were your highlights of the past month?

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