5 Things that Rocked my World in February 2018

Another month has passed. Time is running as I’m currently super busy – not only at work but also in my spare time, having trainings, meeting friends and everything. Time to look back on the five things that made my February 2018 special!

1. Taking a day off. Actually, not even from work, but just from life. My husband and I went to the Therme Erding, going to the pools, sauna, steam bath and everything, just relaxing. It’s good to take such a day off from time to time, even if you are busy – just to make sure, time is not running too fast and concentrating on what is important.

2. A good friend of mine visiting. Since I finished highschool, I don’t see my friends from my hometown that much anymore. That’s basically because I moved abroad so many times and live in Munich now, which is on the other side of Germany, technically. I was super happy that now one of my highschool friends visited. I enjoyed walking around in Munich with her, showing her nice places, going shopping and out for dinner. So nice and like the good old times!

3. Snowboarding! Although I loved the one week vacation for going snowboarding and skiing when I was a kid, going to the mountains now for a day is even better. Just getting up early in the weekends, packing the car and heading for a day in the snow is so nice! Together with my highschool friend we went for a day to Austria, which was awesome. And then we just went with the colleagues after work – because night skiing really is a thing here.

4. Winter! This is my favorite season and it makes me so happy when it’s cold outside – with snow, just as the past weeks. I love it! When the sun is coming out, it can’t get any better. The other weekend I met a friend in the city, had some brunch and afterwards went shopping enjoying the sun – perfect Saturday!

5. The wedding photos came! We finally got all the pics from the wedding, which is great. It was nice looking through them, reliving the day again. The photographer did an awesome job, although there are so many memories that are not on camera. Which is normal, I guess…

What were your highlights of the past month?

Hugs from Munich! xx


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