5 Things that Rocked my World in December | + 2017

I actually wanted to write an annual review post – but for some reason, with the holidays, the wedding and flying to New York spontaneously, it did not really work out. So instead, I decided to go for the usual monthly review, adding a bit about the whole year in the end. Enjoy! (:

1. My bachelorette party was most definitely the first highlight in December. Although I was kinda afraid that I might have to do some typical German bachelorette party things – like walking around the central station in a weird costume selling stuff to everybody – it turned out that my friends were actually respecting me not willing to do such things. We all went to Winterberg to celebrate it there. I decided to not share so much of my wedding online as some things are more private then others, but we had a great time!

2. Obviously Christmas. I love winter and I love Christmas with all the decoration, family time, the cold outside…I just love it. Having some things to prepare for the wedding, I expected Christmas to be pretty stressfull this year. But it turned out to be just fine in the end and I actually could really enjoy it. Including watching old Christmas movies and everything.

3. Dagje Amsterdam, as we would say in Dutch. Friends from us from California came all the way to the Netherlands combining the wedding with a Europe trip. We met them shortly after Christmas in Amsterdam – perfect excuse to escape the wedding preparation for a day. I love the city and wandering around showing them some nice spaces was definitely a good idea.

4. This is most likely the most obvious one for December: the wedding. No need to say that it was a very special day with all our loved ones, and that we really enjoyed it. Despite some funny stories everything went exactly according to plan – thanks to our bridesmaids. So thankful for all the people who came to celebrate with us!

5. The big surprise: during the wedding party, my husband (still feels so weird to type that!) told me he had booked flights to New York. So instead of sleeping we went straight to the airport the next morning and celebrated New Year’s Eve here. Such a good feeling to finally be back after missing the city for the past one and a half years. The perfect ending of a chaotic, wonderful year.

And there we are – 2018 is already a few days old. It has been a chaotic but wonderful year for sure. Munich and me still did not become the best friends, and I am not sure if we ever will, but that’s okay. New job, new challenges, dancing again, new friends, getting married, the new car…it’s just so many things that happened. For quite some time, I realized, I had only been looking on the negative things – one thing I want to change this year. Concentrate more on the positive as you cannot change the negative anyways. Of course it could have been better in many ways, but it also could have been way worse, and I am happy and proud of what I have now. ♥

What were your highlights in the past month and last year? Let me know in the comments below!

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