5 things that rocked my world in April

I know that I mentioned it earlier, but even if I repeat myself: time is flying at the moment. I have no clue if that’s due to the fact that there is so much to do here in NYC or if it’s just normal when you get older, but somehow…April just flew by and that means my third month here is almost over.

Of course, many things happened again last month, and it’s time to look back and provide you with the top five things that rocked my world in April!

1. Spring is here!

To be honest, I started to be annoyed with all the weather changing from 23 degrees (Celcius) to snow again within a day. And now, finally, it seems to get warmer, slowly…

2. The first visitors came along

Lisa and Luzi spent 10 days here and we had such a great time! I was looking forward to it since I heard that they booked the flight, and of course their time over here was over way too fast. But we did such great things and took so many pictures, and again, I was happy to have great friends who are not disappointed with me moving around all the time and not texting them on a regular basis because I am sometimes too busy with other things…thank you so much for that!

3. I finally visited Williamsburg!

That has been on my list since we came here (and even before, but it just didn’t fit the plan when we came here on holidays in 2014), but during the first months here, I still didn’t go – in March, I had a certain routine going on, too busy working, sitting at home and watching Netflix, and stressing out about my Bachelor thesis (which is still happening…). Lisa and Luzi being here kinda got me out of it again, and together, we spent a great day over in Williamsburg – and I just loved it. More to come for sure!!

4. Decisions made – in several ways.

That’s more than would fit into this post, so there will be another one with more details soon, but somehow, it had something to do with me exploring the city again…and that’s all I wanna say about it now. But it feels good to have that done.

5. My little brother arrived!

I was soooo exited about him coming to visit and planned quite some things, but that will be part of the next monthly review I guess…anyway, it’s so good to see him, before he moves to Seoul this summer for six months!

So even with the Bachelor thesis stressing me out, quite a lot has been going on – and I am looking forward to the next months with even more to come! And as soon as the bachelor thesis stress will be over (which is soon – hopefully!) I’ll be able to even enjoy it more. (:
And what were your highlights in April?


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