5 things I don’t have the time to do anymore

Since I started ballroom dancing again, I don’t have a lot of spare time anymore. Most weekends and evenings are planned, as I have trainings. The rest of the time is mostly needed for blogging and / or some household things – so today I’ll let you know which five things I miss doing.

1. Girls nights

Meeting the girls spontaneously? Nope! Either I have training or the others don’t have time or…whatever. Mostly, girls nights are planned on long term at the moment. This isn’t really new to me anymore as this was the case before I stopped ballroom dancing in 2014. However, I would love to spend more time with the girls!

2. Watching some series on Netflix

Since I first got my Netflix account I watched several series from the first to the last episode – some of them in less than a week per season. However, over the past months I haven’t really had time for that anymore and got stuck with a few series. Looking forward to those autumn days doing nothing but binge watching!

3. Going to the cinema

Mostly, the first problem is to find a movie that my boyfriend and me both want to see. And if we found one, the next one is to find a cinema that shows the movie at a decent time. But I love going to the cinema and I’d really need to make some more time for it!

4. Take nice photos for Instagram

I’d love to have such a stylisch Instagram profile as many of those bloggers I follow, but unfortunately, I just don’t have the time to take all these pictures. Mostly, I take my photos when I am somewhere anywhere, but never take the time for long preperations or to go somewhere just for a certain photo. As blogging is not my fulltime job, I just don’t want to spend all the spare time I have on it. So, also in the future, I’m gonna leave this to those who do nothing else but blog.

5. Learn Greek

I started to learn Greek a few years ago – and stopped again because I didn’t have the time. Part of my family comes from Greece and I would love to learn the language. However, it takes a lot of time as you have to start with the different alphabet. But I want to speak Greek with my grandma one day, so I really need to start again!

What kind of things would you like to do more often?


xx from Munich!



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