5 Things that Rocked my World in August | 2015

Yes I know, I forgot to post the 5 things that rocked my world in July last month, but as all I did was basically working and holidays, so not that much. And I still need to post all the pictures and posts about the travels…but as my blog had some technical problems, I couldn’t do anything last week.

1. I guess everybody who knows me or my blog knows that I moved to Denmark in the beginning of August – and of course that is one of the things that rocked my world in August. My semester aborad has finally begun!

2. I met a lot of new people – which is logical because I moved to a city where I didn’t know anybody before. New flatmates, new class, a lot of new people with whom I can do a lot of stuff like going to Ringkobing and to the beach or just a lot of parties.

3. I had my first job interview for my internship on Skype in August! I still don’t want to say anything about where I might be going and stuff, but at least I finally had my first interview. I will let you know as soon as I know more myself!

4. I have a lot of time for things I didn’t have time for before. In the Netherlands, I used to work and go to school and in the evenings work on my blog – here I don’t have a student job and spend less time at school so I have more time for other things like watching Orange is the new black or Gossip Girl or Breaking Bad or reading a lot of books. And I am so looking forward to all the reviewers’ copies that my parents will take with them when they come to visit me.

5. And the last point is of course about my blog: even if I published post number 100 only this year, now post number 200 got online. If somebody had told me a little more than two years ago when I started this blog that someday I would get this far, I wouldn’t have believed it at all. Hopefully, now that the technical problems are solved again, it will continue the same way!


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