10 Things I Learned in Denmark

It’s already one week ago that I had my last presentation at VIA Design, packed all my stuff and drove all the way from Herning back home. Only some last paperwork and my semester abroad is officially over…

Even with missing the people that I met in Denmark – it was time for the next step, I guess on the long run, nobody of us would have been happy living in Herning. And I am so looking forward to my next adventure! Still, time to look back and to share what I learned in this country.

1. You don’t need a big city to have a good time, as long as you have the right people around you. Some time ago, I wrote that I think that I will never be completely happy living in a small village or city, and Herning was the prove for me. Still – with these amazing people I met, the time here was great!

2. Only one word: Liquorice. It’s everywhere. In ice cream, chocolate, alcohol, sauce…and I still don’t like it.

3. After Latin, Danish is the second language I started to learn and just realized…no. And still, many people think that Danish is SO similar to Dutch and German, so for me it should be so easy…let me tell you something: that’s just not true. It’s still super weird.

4. But at least, I can say Cheers in Hungarian now, and gloves and zucchini in Finish. And my English got better here – thanks to Serina and Geet!

5. You shouldn’t have too high expectations when it comes to what you wanna learn at university during your exchange. Probably, for some people this is not true, but almost everything was repetition for me – and therefore, it was quite boring.

6. What also really shocked me: there are seriously universities where you don’t have to write one single exam. Just none. And for presentations and projects they give you some vague description of what you are supposed to do and leave the rest to you. Are you kidding me?

7. I am so happy that I never have to fill in all these Erasmus papers again!! And I was not the only one who lost track…it was worth it, though!

8. When somebody puts you in one appartment with random roommates, you never know, what is gonna happen. But you can be so lucky! I will miss my roomies soooo much and I am so happy that we never had really big problems – I just had a good time. And I learned a lot from them…cooking for example.

9. You have the best time of your life when you use the time you have together and just go somewhere. Even if you are not really up for it. Just ignore some opinions of other people and let your motivation get down from other people. Especially when you have found friends who support you with this, you will just have a really good time.

10. It’s always different from what you expected, but mostly, it’s better. I didn’t have many expectations when I first came here, and to be honest, I didn’t really want to come back in August. But then I met all these people, got a job that was really nice, and had for sure one of the best semesters since I started studying!

Even if I said it at least 1000 times: THANKS GUYS!!! Thank you so much for making this semester such a good time, even in Herning. I am so happy I met you all, I am gonna miss you and I hope we will stay in touch!

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