5 things that rocked my world in February

I know, it’s not March yet, but as I still didn’t manage to take new outfit pics for the Sunday post, I decided it’s better to have an early review than not posting anything. As you might have guessed already, a lot of things have been going on lately, especially in the second half of February, but still I had some problems picking the hightlights of the month…

1. Obvious: I moved to NYC! Finally we are here, in this city, and it’s like living the dream..I coudn’t really believe it until the first morning I woke up here and walked around in the city and just realized that it’s true…and it’s even better as I had imagined before!

2. The first day, the first week and by now, the second week of my internship have passed and even if I was really nervous in the beginning, it all went fine! Even better: I might get more chances to write my thesis when I finished other tasks at work as I expected, which means I have more time to enjoy NYC when I’m off…

3. We found an apartment! It was basically the only one we saw and it’s really nice and in Brooklyn and it’s all furnished…I’m so excited we can finally move there today!

4. This actually happened before I moved: I finally visited two of my friends in the cities where they study in Germany. It was nice to see them both again before I left, plus Hannah and me started planning our roadtrip that we wanna do after I will have finished my internship…I’ll tell more about it here when we finally booked it!

5. My brother is coming to visit me! He booked his flight to NYC in the beginning of the week and I am so excited that he’s coming that I already started planning what I wanna show him…it’s gonna be so cool!

What were your highlights of the month?


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