10 Things I Learned in Brussels

As time is flying and I cannot really believe that my time in Brussels is almost over, I thought it might be time to talk about ten things that I learned here in Brussels.

1. Beer and beer – there are big differences! Of course, in Germany, we also have many different types of beer, but that is nothing compared to Belgium. And there are actually bars where you can get (almost) all of them!

2. Networking! There were many events that I had to attend during my internship, and I learned how to get in contact with people I did not know before, even if you are “only” the intern. Some even offered me a job (more or less seriously).

3. The French word for staple gun: l’agrafeuse. And the one for hole punch: le perforateur. And now, I even learned the English words, because I had to look them up to translate the German sentence.

4. Nothing good ever happens after 2 am. Of course, this is something I could have learned earlier by watching How I Met Your Mother, but actually now I experienced it myself. Maybe that is the reason why the last nightbus is around 2:30 am.

5. Shopping is even more fun during the Sale, and it is worth waiting for it. But you should make sure to go early on Saturday morning to avoid stress and too many people.

6. Not all interns have the same amount of work, and still everybody earns the same. Well, I guess, that’s life.

7. Drinking wine. I am really not a big fan of wine, but with several French collegues, you kind of get used to it and may even start to enjoy it…

8. To tell someone in Greek that my Greek is not that could and that my grandma told the that Thessaloniki is a nice city…thanks to the Greek interns!

9. If chocolate is more expensive, it doesn’t automatically have to be better. I am a fan of Leonidas (which is also not cheap, but cheaper than Neuhaus), but I would not say no to a trip to the Neuhaus outlet.

10. Only tourists eat waffles with hot chocolate sauce, whipped cream and strawberries.


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